Amphipoda note details

Taxonomic remark
According to Krapp-Schickel (2003) Miers’ description of his Australian Megamoera thomsoni could apply to a species of Linguimaera (especially the slim gnathopod 1, propodus without palmar corner, carpus very long would fit L. pirloti). But coxa 1 is definitely rounded anteriorly in Miers’ species (vs very acute), the serrated excavation on gnathopod 2 palm could fit some of the described species, while the telson is figured very differently as densely beset with robust setae on the inner margin of the lobes, and apically without any incision. Thus, as the type material is apparently lost and the description short, Megamoera thomsoni Miers seems to be related to Linguimaera and may be even to L. pirloti, kellissa, young L. leo or the unnamed species, but should be considered as species dubia.
Krapp-schickel, T. (2003). <i>Linguimaera</i> Pirlot, 1936 (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Melitidae), a valid genus. <em>Memoirs of Museum Victoria.</em> 60(2): 257-283. Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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