Amphipoda note details

Taxonomic remark
From Sars, 1891 : This is by far the largest of the known species of the genus, and moreover easily distinguishable by the peculiar form of the basal joint of the last pair of pereiopoda. As with other species, the sexual differences are very striking, both as to the outer appearance, and in the structure of some of the limbs, and I was thereby formerly misled to regard the male as belonging to a distinct species. I have however now convinced myself that H. carinata is nothing but the adult male of H. abyssi.
Sars, G.O. (1891). Amphipoda. Part VII. Phoxocephalidae. An account of the Crustacea of Norway, with short descriptions and figures of all the species:. I: 141-160, pls 49-60. Cammermeyer, Christiana (Oslo). 
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