Amphipoda note details

Genus diagnosis. Gammariform amphipods from SW Europe (Iberian Peninsula), similar to Homoeogammarus, but with markedly different gnathopods; gnathopod propodite II only less than 80% length and up to 60% width of propodite I. Uropod III endopodite 20-50% exopodite length, linear, with a terminal and one or more marginal spines; exopodite with marginal groups of spines and variable setation. Remark. The most reliable marker of Iberogammarus is the smaller and particularly the narrower gnathopod II propodite, which also differs remarkably in shape with its very short palmar margin. Besides, the uropod III endopodite bears also a marginal spine which is normally absent in Homoeogammarus; the setation and the endopodite length are very variable.
Sket B.; Hou, Z. (2018). Family Gammaridae (Crustacea: Amphipoda), mainly its Echinogammarus clade in SW Europe. Further elucidation of its phylogeny and taxonomy. <em>ACTA BIOLOGICA SLOVENICA.</em> 61(1): 93-102. Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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