Amphipoda note details

The species was originally described as Pontoniphargus ruffoi, in honor of amphipodologist Sandro Ruffo. Discarding Pontoniphargus, however, introduces an additional taxonomic complexity. Pontoniphargus ruffoi should be named N. ruffoi. Yet, a species with identical spelling (N. ruffoi Karaman, 1976) was described from Italy (Karaman, 1976). According to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (International Commission on the Zoological Nomenclature, 2018), this case suits the definition of 'Homonyms in the species group' (Code Art. 53.3), where only the senior homonym, as defined by the Principle of Priority (Code Art. 52.3), can be used as a valid name (Code Art. 53.2). Given that the rejected name has no valid synonym, a new substitute name needs to be established (Code Art. 23.3.5.) with its own author and date (Code Art. 60.3).
Borko, Š.; Collette, M.; Brad, T.; Zakšek, V.; Flot, J.-F.; Vaxevanopoulos, M.; Sarbu, S. M.; Fišer, C. (2019). Amphipods in a Greek cave with sulphidic and non-sulphidic water: phylogenetically clustered and ecologically divergent. <em>Systematics and Biodiversity.</em> 17(6): 558-572. Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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