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Cairns, S.D., 1989. A revision of the ahermatypic Scleractinia of the Philippine Islands and adjacent waters, Part 1: Fungiacyathidae, Micrabaciidae, Turbinoliinae, Guyniidae, and Flabellidae. Smith. Cont. Zool. 486: 136 pp., 42 pls., 3 figs.
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Blastotrochus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Blastotrochus nutrix Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Endocyathopora Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Endocyathopora laticostata Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Flabellidae Bourne, 1905 (identification resource)
Flabellum Lesson, 1831 (redescription)
Flabellum (Flabellum) Lesson, 1831 (redescription)
Flabellum (Flabellum) lamellulosum Alcock, 1902 (redescription)
Flabellum (Flabellum) magnificum Marenzeller, 1904 (redescription)
Flabellum (Flabellum) patens Moseley, 1880 (redescription)
Flabellum (Flabellum) pavoninum Lesson, 1831 (redescription)
Flabellum (Flabellum) politum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) M. Sars, 1851 (redescription)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) conuis Moseley, 1880 (redescription)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) deludens Marenzeller, 1904 (redescription)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) japonicum Moseley, 1880 represented as Flabellum (Ulocyathus) japonicum japonicum Moseley, 1880 (redescription)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) marenzelleri Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) messum Alcock, 1902 (status source)
Flabellum (Ulocyathus) sexcostatum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Flabellum dens Alcock, 1902 accepted as Truncatoflabellum dens (Alcock, 1902) (redescription)
Fungiacyathidae Chevalier & Beauvais, 1987 (redescription)
Fungiacyathidae Chevalier & Beauvais, 1987 (identification resource)
Fungiacyathus Sars, 1872 (additional source)
Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) Moseley, 1880 (status source)
Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) granulosus Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) sibogae (Alcock, 1902) (new combination reference)
Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) turbinolioides Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Fungiacyathus (Fungiacyathus) Sars, 1872 (status source)
Fungiacyathus (Fungiacyathus) paliferus (Alcock, 1902) (redescription)
Fungiacyathus (Fungiacyathus) stephanus (Alcock, 1893) (new combination reference)
Fungiacyathus variegatus Cairns, 1989 represented as Fungiacyathus (Bathyactis) variegatus Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Gardineria Vaughan, 1907 (redescription)
Gardineria musorstomica Cairns, 1989 accepted as Gardineria hawaiiensis Vaughan, 1907 (original description)
Gardineria philippinensis Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Guynia Duncan, 1873 (redescription)
Guynia annulata Duncan, 1872 (redescription)
Guyniidae Hickson, 1910 (redescription)
Guyniidae Hickson, 1910 (identification resource)
Idiotrochus Wells, 1935 (redescription)
Idiotrochus kikutii (Yabe & Eguchi, 1941) (new combination reference)
Javania Duncan, 1876 (redescription)
Javania insignis Duncan, 1876 (redescription)
Leptopenus Moseley, 1880 (redescription)
Leptopenus antarcticus Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Letepsammia Yabe & Eguchi, 1932 (redescription)
Letepsammia formosissima (Moseley, 1876) (redescription)
Letepsammia formosissima (Moseley, 1876) (source of synonymy)
Micrabaciidae Vaughan, 1905 (identification resource)
Micrabaciidae Vaughan, 1905 (redescription)
Notocyathus Tenison-Woods, 1880 (redescription)
Notocyathus conicus (Alcock, 1902) (redescription)
Notocyathus venustus (Alcock, 1902) (new combination reference)
Peponocyathus Gravier, 1915 (redescription)
Peponocyathus australiensis (Duncan, 1870) (redescription)
Peponocyathus folliculus (Pourtal├Ęs, 1868) (redescription)
Placotrochides Alcock, 1902 (redescription)
Placotrochides scaphula Alcock, 1902 (redescription)
Placotrochus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Placotrochus laevis Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Rhizotrochus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Rhizotrochus flabelliformis Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Rhizotrochus typus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Rhombopsammia Owens, 1986 (redescription)
Rhombopsammia niphada Owens, 1986 (redescription)
Rhombopsammia squiresi Owens, 1986 (redescription)
Sphenotrochus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Sphenotrochus (Sphenotrochus) Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Sphenotrochus (Sphenotrochus) hancocki Durham & Barnard, 1952 (redescription)
Stephanophyllia Michelin, 1841 (redescription)
Stephanophyllia fungulus Alcock, 1902 (redescription)
Stephanophyllia neglecta Boschma, 1923 (redescription)
Thrypticotrochus Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Thrypticotrochus multilobatus Cairns, 1989 accepted as Thrypticotrochus petterdi (Dennant, 1906) (original description)
Tropidocyathus Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)
Tropidocyathus lessonii (Michelin, 1842) (redescription)
Tropidocyathus pileus (Alcock, 1902) accepted as Cyathotrochus pileus (Alcock, 1902) (redescription)
Truncatoflabellum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Truncatoflabellum aculeatum (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) (new combination reference)
Truncatoflabellum bairdi (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) accepted as Truncatoflabellum spheniscus (Dana, 1846) (redescription)
Truncatoflabellum candeanum (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) (redescription)
Truncatoflabellum carinatum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Truncatoflabellum crassum (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) (new combination reference)
Truncatoflabellum cumingii (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) (redescription)
Truncatoflabellum formosum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Truncatoflabellum gippslandicus (Dennant, 1899) † accepted as Truncatoflabellum gippslandicum (Dennant, 1899) † (basis of record)
Truncatoflabellum incrustatum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Truncatoflabellum irregulare (Semper, 1872) (new combination reference)
Truncatoflabellum paripavoninum (Alcock, 1894) (new combination reference)
Truncatoflabellum profundum (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) accepted as Truncatoflabellum spheniscus (Dana, 1846) (redescription)
Truncatoflabellum pusillum Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Truncatoflabellum spheniscus (Dana, 1846) (new combination reference)
Truncatoflabellum stokesi (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848) accepted as Truncatoflabellum compressum (Lamarck, 1801) (new combination reference)
Truncatoguynia Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Truncatoguynia irregularis Cairns, 1989 (original description)
Turbinoliidae Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (identification resource)
Turbinoliinae Milne Edwards & haime, 1848 accepted as Turbinoliidae Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 (redescription)