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Ototyphlonemertes Diesing, 1863

122408  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:122408)

Ototyphlonemertes pallida (Keferstein, 1862) (type by subsequent designation)
Norenburgia Chernyshev, 1993 (Nomen nudum according to Gibson, R. 1995). )
Norenburgia (Accirinia) Chernyshev, 1993 (Nomen nudum according to Gibson (1995))
Norenburgia (Norenburgia) Chernyshev, 1993 (Nomen nudum according to Gibson, 1995)
Osotyphlonemertes (Spelling Variation)
Typhlonemertes du Plessis, 1891 (Synonym (Bürger, 1904))
Subgenus Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) Kajihara, Tamura & Tomioka, 2018
Subgenus Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) Kajihara, Tamura & Tomioka, 2018
Subgenus Ototyphlonemertes (Parmula) Kajihara, Tamura & Tomioka, 2018
Species Ototyphlonemertes aurantiaca (du Plessis, 1891)
Species Ototyphlonemertes aurita (Uljanin, 1870)
Species Ototyphlonemertes brevis Corrêa, 1948
Species Ototyphlonemertes cirrula Mock & Schmidt, 1975
Species Ototyphlonemertes claparedii (du Plessis, 1891)
Species Ototyphlonemertes erneba Corrêa, 1950
Species Ototyphlonemertes esulcata Senz, 1993
Species Ototyphlonemertes longissima Liu & Sun, 2018
Species Ototyphlonemertes pallida (Keferstein, 1862)
Species Ototyphlonemertes santacruzensis Mock & Schmidt, 1975
Species Ototyphlonemertes victoriae Stiasny-Wijnhoff, 1942

Species Ototyphlonemertes affinis Kirsteuer (nomen nudum, Unpublished ms name)

Species Ototyphlonemertes americana Gerner, 1969 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) americana Gerner, 1969
Species Ototyphlonemertes ani Chernyshev, 2007 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) ani Chernyshev, 2007 (new combination)
Species Ototyphlonemertes antipai Müller, 1968 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) antipai Müller, 1968
Species Ototyphlonemertes brunnea Bürger, 1895 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) brunnea Bürger, 1895
Species Ototyphlonemertes correae Envall, 1996 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) correae Envall, 1996
Species Ototyphlonemertes dolichobasis Kajihara, 2007 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) dolichobasis Kajihara, 2007
Species Ototyphlonemertes duplex Bürger, 1895 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) duplex Bürger, 1895
Species Ototyphlonemertes evelinae Corrêa, 1948 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) evelinae Corrêa, 1948
Species Ototyphlonemertes lactea Corrêa, 1954 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) lactea Corrêa, 1953
Species Ototyphlonemertes macintoshi Bürger, 1895 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) macintoshi Bürger, 1895
Species Ototyphlonemertes martynovi Chernyshev, 1993 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Duplex) martynovi Chernyshev, 1993
Species Ototyphlonemertes nikolaii Chernyshev, 1998 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) nikolaii Chernyshev, 1998
Species Ototyphlonemertes parmula Corrêa, 1950 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Parmula) parmula Corrêa, 1950
Species Ototyphlonemertes pellucida Coe, 1943 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) pellucida Coe, 1943
Species Ototyphlonemertes spiralis Coe, 1940 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) spiralis Coe, 1940
Species Ototyphlonemertes valentinae Chernyshev, 2003 represented as Ototyphlonemertes (Macintoshi) valentinae Chernyshev, 2003

Subgenus Ototyphlonemertes (Accirinia) Chernyshev, 1993 accepted as Ototyphlonemertes Diesing, 1863
Species Ototyphlonemertes fila Corrêa, 1953 accepted as Ototyphlonemertes (Parmula) parmula Corrêa, 1950 (Junior synonym)
Species Ototyphlonemertes kefersteinii Diesing, 1863 accepted as Ototyphlonemertes pallida pallida Bürger, 1904 accepted as Ototyphlonemertes pallida (Keferstein, 1862) (synonym)
Not documented
Norenburg, J.; Gibson, R.; Herrera Bachiller, A.; Strand, M. (2020). World Nemertea Database. Ototyphlonemertes Diesing, 1863. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: https://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=122408 on 2020-11-25
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redescription Mock, H., 1978. Ototyphlonemertes pallida (Keferstein, 1862). (Hoplonemertini, Monostilifera). Mikrofauna Meeresboden. 67: 1-14. [details]   
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Type designation Mock 1978 mentions inter alia O. pallida as the type of the genus Ototyphlonemertes. This is taken as the first designation. Chernyshev 1993 also refers to O. kefersteinii (=O. pallida) as the type species. [details]
Ototyphlonemertes pallida
 Ototyphlonemertes p...
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