Key-to-species of Abertella

A key for the identification of members of the fossil sand dollar Abertella (Echinoidea: Clypeasteroida: Abertellidae) created by Andreas Kroh, May 2014. Based on the following source: Kroh, A., Mooi, R., del Río, C. & Neumann, C. 2013. A new late Cenozoic species of Abertella (Echinoidea: Clypeasteroida) from Patagonia. Zootaxa 3608, 369-378.
Key created by Andreas Kroh

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Remaining taxa:
Abertella aberti (Conrad, 1842)

Abertella cazonensis

Abertella complanata Brito, 1981

Abertella dengleri Osborne & Ciampaglio, 2010

Abertella gualichensis Martínez, Reichler & Mooi, 2005

Abertella habanensis (Sanchez Roig, 1949)

Abertella miskellyi Kroh, Mooi, del Rió & Neumann, 2013

Abertella pirabensis (Marchesini Santos, 1958)