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Goniodoma Stein, 1883

109559  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:109559)

Species Goniodoma crassum Kofoid & Michener, 1911
Species Goniodoma orientale (Lindemann) Balech, 1979
Species Goniodoma reticulatum Kofoid & J.R.Michener, 1911
Species Goniodoma sphaericum Murray & Whitting, 1899
Species Goniodoma spiniferum P.A.Dangeard

Species Goniodoma acuminatum (Ehrenberg) Stein, 1883 accepted as Scrippsiella acuminata (Ehrenberg) Kretschmann, Elbrächter, Zinssmeister, S.Soehner, Kirsch, Kusber & Gottschling, 2015
Species Goniodoma bipes Cleve, 1903 accepted as Ceratocorys bipes (Cleve) Kofoid, 1910 (synonym)
Species Goniodoma concavum Gaarder, 1954 accepted as Alexandrium concavum (Gaarder) Balech, 1985 (synonym)
Species Goniodoma fimbriatum Murray & Whitting, 1899 accepted as Ceratocorys armata (Schütt) Kofoid, 1910 (synonym)
Species Goniodoma milneri Murray & Whitting, 1899 accepted as Gonyaulax milneri (Murray & Whitting) Kofoid, 1911
Species Goniodoma ostenfeldii Paulsen, 1904 accepted as Alexandrium ostenfeldii (Paulsen) Balech & Tangen, 1985 (basionym)
Species Goniodoma polyedricum (Pouchet) Jørgensen, 1899 accepted as Triadinium polyedricum (Pouchet) Dodge, 1981
Species Goniodoma pseudogoniaulax Biecheler, 1952 accepted as Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax (Biecheler) Horiguchi ex K.Yuki & Y.Fukuyo, 1992 (synonym)
Species Goniodoma pseudogonyaulax Biecheler, 1952 accepted as Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax (Biecheler) Horiguchi ex K.Yuki & Y.Fukuyo, 1992 (synonym)
Species Goniodoma sphaericum Schiller, 1937 accepted as Triadinium sphaericum (Murray & Whitting) Dodge, 1981 accepted as Goniodoma sphaericum Murray & Whitting, 1899 (synonym)
Not documented
LSID urn:lsid:algaebase.org:taxname:6349  
LSID urn:lsid:algaebase.org:taxname:6349 [details]
Guiry, M.D. & Guiry, G.M. (2019). AlgaeBase. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway (taxonomic information republished from AlgaeBase with permission of M.D. Guiry). Goniodoma Stein, 1883. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=109559 on 2019-11-12
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basis of record Gómez, F. (2005). A list of free-living dinoflagellate species in the world's oceans. <em>Acta Bot. Croat.</em> 64(1): 129-212. [details]  OpenAccess publication 

additional source Balech, E. (1979). El género Goniodoma Stein (Dinoflagellata). <em>Lilloa.</em> 35(2): 97-109. [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

additional source Hansson, H. G. (1991-1997). South Scandinavian Marine Protoctista. , available online at http://www.tmbl.gu.se/libdb/taxon/neat_pdf/NEAT*Protista.pdf [details]   
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LSID urn:lsid:algaebase.org:taxname:6349 [details]

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Classification In algaebase under Triadiniaceae [details]

Japanese ゴニオドーマ  [details]