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Stylasteridae Gray, 1847

22805  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:22805)

Genus Adelopora Cairns, 1982
Genus Astya Stechow, 1921
Genus Calyptopora Boschma, 1968
Genus Cheiloporidion Cairns, 1983
Genus Componospina Cairns, 2015
Genus Conopora Moseley, 1879
Genus Crypthelia Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849
Genus Cyclohelia Cairns, 1991
Genus Distichopora Lamarck, 1816
Genus Errina Gray, 1835
Genus Errinopora Fisher, 1938
Genus Errinopsis Broch, 1951
Genus Gyropora Boschma, 1960
Genus Inferiolabiata Broch, 1951
Genus Lepidopora Pourtalès, 1871
Genus Lepidotheca Cairns, 1983
Genus Leptohelia Lindner, Cairns & Zibrowius, 2014
Genus Paraconopora Cairns, 2015
Genus Paraerrina Broch, 1942
Genus Phalangopora Kirkpatrick, 1887
Genus Pliobothrus Pourtalès, 1868
Genus Pseudocrypthelia Cairns, 1983
Genus Sporadopora Moseley, 1879
Genus Stellapora Cairns, 1983
Genus Stenohelia Kent, 1870
Genus Stephanohelia Cairns, 1991
Genus Stylantheca Fischer, 1931
Genus Stylaster Gray, 1831
Genus Stylasteridae incertae sedis
Genus Systemapora Cairns, 1991

Genus Acanthopora Moseley, 1876 accepted as Stellapora Cairns, 1983 (junior homonym)
Subfamily Adeloporinae Cairns, 1982 accepted as Stylasteridae Gray, 1847
Genus Allopora Ehrenberg, 1834 accepted as Stylaster Gray, 1831
Genus Astylus Moseley, 1878 accepted as Astya Stechow, 1921 (preoccupied by Astylus Laporte, 1836 [Coleoptera])
Genus Cryptaxiella Kuhn, 1939 accepted as Stylaster Gray, 1831
Genus Cryptaxis accepted as Stylaster Gray, 1831
Genus Cryptohelia Milne Edwards & Haime, 1857 accepted as Crypthelia Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849 (synonymy)
Genus Cyclopora Verrill, 1866 accepted as Stylaster Gray, 1831
Genus Deontopora accepted as Stylaster Gray, 1831
Subfamily Distichoporinae Stechow, 1921 accepted as Stylasteridae Gray, 1847
Genus Endhelia Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849 accepted as Crypthelia Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849
Genus Labiopora Moseley, 1879 accepted as Errina Gray, 1835
Genus Lithodendron Schweigger, 1819 accepted as Distichopora Lamarck, 1816
Genus Polypora Moseley, 1876 accepted as Sporadopora Moseley, 1879 (junior homonym)
Genus Protoerrina Fisher, 1931 accepted as Errinopora Fisher, 1938
Genus Spinipora Moseley, 1879 accepted as Stellapora Cairns, 1983 (junior homonym)
Genus Steganopora accepted as Pliobothrus Pourtalès, 1868
Subfamily Stylasterinae Gray, 1847 accepted as Stylasteridae Gray, 1847
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
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taxonomy source Cairns, S.D. (1984). A generic revision of the Stylasteridae (Coelenterata: Hydrozoa). Part 2: Phylogenetic analysis. <em>Bull. mar. Sci.</em> 35(1): 38-53. [details]   

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page(s): 12-19; note: Key to genera; comments on functional morphology and polychaete commensalism [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

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redescription Cairns, S.D. (1983). A generic revision of the Stylasterina (Coelenterata: Hydrozoa). Part 1. Description of the genera. <em>Bull. mar. Sci.</em> 33(2): 427-508. [details]   

ecology source Cairns, S.D. (1992). Worldwide distribution of the Stylasteridae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa). In: J. Bouillon, F. Boero, F. Cicogna, J.M. Gili & R.G. Hughes, eds. <em>Aspects of Hydrozoan Biology Scientia Marina.</em> 56(2-3): 125-130. [details]   

subsequent type designation Cairns SD. (1991). Catalog of the type specimens of stony corals (Milleporidae, Stylasteridae, Scleractinia) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. <em>Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology.</em> 514: i-iv, 1-59. [details]   
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Diagnosis Hydroid colony erect, branched, usually flabellate, more rarely encrusting, with a thick calcareous exoskeleton (coenosteum); polyps polymorphic and retractile; gastrozooids with one whorl of filiform tentacles, exceptionally without tentacles; bottom of gastric cavity with or without an upright pointed or rounded toothed spine (gastrostyle); dactylozooids filiform, without tentacles, with or without dactylostyle; gastrozooids and dactylozooids retractable into special skeletal depressions: gastropores and dactylopores; gastro- and dactylozooids either irregularly distributed over colony, or limited to certain regions of colony, or often arranged in circles (cyclosystems) where one gastrozooid is surrounded by several dactylozooids; gonophores as reduced fixed sporosacs and developed inside vesicles (ampullae) covered by or buried in coenosteum. [details]
English sylasterine hydrocoralslace corals  [details]
German StylasteridenHydrokorallenFiligrankorallen  [details]
Italian stilasteridi  [details]
Japanese サンゴモドキ科  [details]
Lithuanian hidrokoralai  [details]
Modern Greek (1453-) Στυλαστερίδες  [details]
Norwegian hydrokorallfamilie  [details]
Russian коралллы  [details]
Turkish bağcık mercanlarıgiller  [details]
Ukrainian Стиластериди  [details]