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Polycarpa obscura Heller, 1878

251043  (

Pandocia japonica Michaelsen, 1912 (original combination)
Polycarpa bassi Herdman, 1886 (original combination)
Polycarpa unilineata Kott, 1952 (original combination)
Styela albomarginata Sluiter, 1904 (original combination)
Styela cryptocarpa Sluiter, 1885 (original combination)
marine, fresh, terrestrial
Heller, C. (1878). Beitrage zur nahern Kenntniss der Tunicaten. <em>Sitzber. Acad. Wiss. Wien.</em> 77(1): 2-28. [details]  OpenAccess publication 
Shenkar, N.; Gittenberger, A.; Lambert, G.; Rius, M.; Moreira Da Rocha, R.; Swalla, B.J.; Turon, X. (2018). Ascidiacea World Database. Polycarpa obscura Heller, 1878. Accessed at: on 2019-07-18
2007-12-05 12:32:01Z

original description Heller, C. (1878). Beitrage zur nahern Kenntniss der Tunicaten. <em>Sitzber. Acad. Wiss. Wien.</em> 77(1): 2-28. [details]  OpenAccess publication 

original description  (of Styela kroboja Oka, 1906) Oka, A. (1906). Notizen uber japanische ascidien, 1. <em>Annot. Zool. Japonenses.</em> 6: 37-52. [details]   

original description  (of Polycarpa bassi Herdman, 1886) Herdman, W. A. (1886). Report on the Tunicata collected during the years 1873-1876. Part 2, Ascidiae compositae. <em>Zool. Chall. Exp.</em> 14(38): 1-425. [details]   

original description  (of Pandocia japonica Michaelsen, 1912) Michaelsen, W. (1912). Die Tethyiden (Styeliden) des Naturhistorischen Museum zu Hamburg, nebst Nachtrag und Annang einige andere familien betreffend. <em>Jahrb. Wiss. Anst., Hamburg.</em> 28(2): 109-186. [details]   

original description  (of Polycarpa unilineata Kott, 1952) Kott, P. (1952). The ascidians of Australia. 1. Stolidobranchiata Lahille and Phlebobranchiata Lahille. <em>Aust. J. mar. Freshw. Res.</em> 3: 205:335. [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 

original description  (of Styela albomarginata Sluiter, 1904) Sluiter, C. P. (1904). Die Tunicaten der Siboga-Expedition. Part 1. Die socialen und holosomen Ascidien. <em>Siboga-Exped.</em> 56a: 1-126. [details]   

original description  (of Styela cryptocarpa Sluiter, 1885) Sluiter, C. P. (1886). Ueber einige einfachen Ascidien von der Insel Billiton. <em>Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned. Indie.</em> 45: 160-232. [details]  OpenAccess publication 

additional source Kott, P. (1985). The Australian Ascidiacea part 1, Phlebobranchia and Stolidobranchia. <em>Mem Qd Mus.</em> 23: 1-440., available online at [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 

additional source van der Land, J. (ed). (2008). UNESCO-IOC Register of Marine Organisms (URMO). , available online at [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

From editor or global species database
Genetic nomenclature abbreviation Poobsc [details]

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