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Jangoux, M. (1973). Le genus Neoferdina Livingstone (Echinodermata, Asteroidea: Ophidiasteridae). Revue de Zoologie Africaine. 87(4): 775-794.
Jangoux, M.
Le genus <i>Neoferdina</i> Livingstone (Echinodermata, Asteroidea: Ophidiasteridae)
Revue de Zoologie Africaine
87(4): 775-794
The collection of Asterids, captured at the granitic Archipelago of Seychelles (Indian Ocean) by MRAC - ULB missions in 1966 till 1972, counts, between several others, four species belonging incontestable to the genus Neoferdina Livingstone 1931 (Family of the Ophidiasteridea). The genera, discovered at Sechelles, are very interesting. Namely Neoferdina, an Indo-Pacific asterid, who had his extreme distribution limit, untill now, at the Andaman Isles on the West and the Wake Isles, the Marshall and the Fiji on the East. Their presence at the Seychelles, called their geographical distribution in question. The specific determination of the samples was very difficult. Between eight known species of Neoferdina, only three of them are holotypic (of which one of them is lost). The other five species were rarely met and their intraspecific variations in total still are unclear. It seems useful, in case of studying the materials of the Seychelles, to review the notions acquired about the species. This study discusses it.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Type species: Ferdina cumingii Gray, 1840 by original designation (Rowe & Gates, 1995). [details]


In family Porcellidiidae in (Kalk (1958). Type species of the genus Pentathyone H.L. Clark, 1938, a synonym of ... [details]


A synonym of Neoferdina offreti (Koehler, 1910) according to Jangoux & Aziz (1984) but only possibly so according ... [details]

 Type locality

Mahe, Seychelles. Holotype (dry), Mahé Island (Seychelles) : ECH 1365, Mus. r. Sc. Nat. Belg., Brussels. This ... [details]

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