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Lamna nasus (Bonnaterre, 1788)

105841  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
(of Squalus nasus Bonnaterre, 1788) Bonnaterre, J. P. (1788). Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la nature. <em>Ichthyologie.</em> Paris. i-lvi + 1-215, Pls. A-B. 1-100., available online at [details]  OpenAccess publication 
Type locality contained in Cornwall  
type locality contained in Cornwall (doubtful[details]
Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. (2019). FishBase. Lamna nasus (Bonnaterre, 1788). Accessed through: VLIZ Belgian Marine Species Consortium (2010 onwards) Belgian Register of Marine Species at: on 2020-10-25
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original description  (of Squalus nasus Bonnaterre, 1788) Bonnaterre, J. P. (1788). Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la nature. <em>Ichthyologie.</em> Paris. i-lvi + 1-215, Pls. A-B. 1-100., available online at [details]  OpenAccess publication 

context source (Deepsea) Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS), available online at [details]   

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page(s): 10 [details]  OpenAccess publication 

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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

Afrikaans haringhaai  [details]
Albanian tonil  [details]
Catalan taurónas llargmarraix  [details]
Danish sillhajsildehajsildehaaen  [details]
Dutch neushaaiharinghaai  [details]
English swordfinsalmon sharkporbeagle sharkporbeaglemackerel sharkherring sharkcommon porbeaglebottle-nosed sharkblue sharkblue dogBeaumaris sharkAtlantic porbeagleAmerican porbeagle(common) Atlantic mackerel shark  [details]
French touilletouilele boeuf taupetauperequin-taupe communrequin long neznezmelantounmaraîchemaraicheloutre de merle squale nezle lamie long nezlamie  [details]
German Heringshai  [details]
Hebrew עמלץ חוטמני  [details]
Icelandic hámeri  [details]
Italian sorglio pisci tunnusmerigliopisci canilamna smeriglioisuro muso acutocani di mercagnia  [details]
Lithuanian atlantinis silkiaryklis  [details]
Modern Greek (1453-) Λάμια  [details]
Norwegian håbrann  [details]
Norwegian Bokmål håbrann  [details]
Norwegian Nynorsk håbrann  [details]
Polish żarłacz śledziowylamna śledziowa  [details]
Portuguese sardorequimnequimmarrachoarrequimanequim  [details]
Russian атлантическая сельдевая акулаakula sel devaia  [details]
Slovenian atlantski mroski pesatlantski morski pes  [details]
Spanish marraquetmarrajo sardineromarrajomarracoludiael marragocalderoncailón  [details]
Swedish sillhajhåbrandhaamarhaabranden  [details]
Turkish harhariyasdikburun harhariyasdikburun camgözdikburun camgozdikburundik burun köpekbalığıdik burun kopekbaligi  [details]
Ukrainian Звичайна оселедцева акулаАкула оселедцева звичайна  [details]
Welsh morgi mawrcorgi môr  [details]