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Odobenus rosmarus (Linnaeus, 1758)

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BeRMS (2019). Odobenus rosmarus (Linnaeus, 1758). Accessed at: on 2019-04-24
VLIZ Belgian Marine Species Consortium (2010 onwards). Belgian Register of Marine Species. Odobenus rosmarus (Linnaeus, 1758). Accessed at: on 2019-04-24
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Danish hvalros  [details]
Dutch walrus  [details]
English walrus  [details]
German Walross  [details]
Italian tricheco  [details]
Lithuanian vėplys  [details]
Modern Greek (1453-) Θαλάσσιος ίππος  [details]
Norwegian hvalross  [details]
Norwegian Bokmål hvalross  [details]
Norwegian Nynorsk kvalross  [details]
Polish mors  [details]
Russian морж  [details]
Slovenian mrož  [details]
Spanish morsa  [details]
Swedish valross  [details]
Turkish mors aygırıdeniz aygırı morsdeniz aygırı  [details]
Ukrainian МоржКанада Морж  [details]
Welsh morlo ysgithrog  [details]