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Parachromagasteriella Allgén, 1933

231710  (

taxon inquirendum (see Hope & Murphy (1972))

Species Parachromagasteriella annelifera Wieser, 1956 accepted as Axonolaimus anellifer (Wieser, 1956) Lorenzen, 1994 (The species Parachromagasteriella annelifer (lapsus: annelifera), which was originally part of the "Cylindrolaiminae" is made a new member of Axonolaimus. The species is now called: Axonolaimus annelifer (Wieser 1956) Lorenzen, 1994.)
Not documented
Bezerra, T.N.; Decraemer, W.; Eisendle-Flöckner, U.; Hodda, M.; Holovachov, O.; Leduc, D.; Miljutin, D.; Mokievsky, V.; Peña Santiago, R.; Sharma, J.; Smol, N.; Tchesunov, A.; Venekey, V.; Zeng, Z.; Vanreusel, A. (2018). Nemys: World Database of Nematodes. Parachromagasteriella Allgén, 1933. Accessed through: VLIZ Belgian Marine Species Consortium (2010 onwards) Belgian Register of Marine Species at: on 2019-11-22
VLIZ Belgian Marine Species Consortium (2010 onwards). Belgian Register of Marine Species. Parachromagasteriella Allgén, 1933. Accessed at: on 2019-11-22
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