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Steidinger, K. A.; Balech, E. (1977). Scrippsiella subsalsa (Ostenfeld) comb. nov. (Dinophyceae) with a discussion on Scrippsiella*. Phycologia. 16(1): 69-73.
10.2216/i0031-8884-16-1-69.1 [view]
Steidinger, K. A.; Balech, E.
Scrippsiella subsalsa (Ostenfeld) comb. nov. (Dinophyceae) with a discussion on Scrippsiella*
16(1): 69-73
The armoured dinoflagellate Peridinium subsalsum Ostenfeld, is transferred to Scrippsiella based on cingular and sulcal plates. This species is distinguished by: unusual reticulation patterns, plates 2a and 3a separated by 3′, apical platelet (Po) extended on to dorsal surface, six cingular and four sulcal plates, protrusive 1″ and 5″ lists, and lack of mucoid aggregates. Additionally, a brief discussion of the current problems in Peridinium and Scrippsiella taxonomy is presented accompanied by another combination, Scrippsiella trochoidea (Stein) comb. nov.
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