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Bucephala albeola (Linnaeus, 1758)

159179  (

marine, brackish, fresh
Not documented
Distribution North America; Newfoundland to Florida  
Distribution North America; Newfoundland to Florida [details]
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2011-04-08 06:18:06Z
2011-04-27 09:01:37Z

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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

From other sources
Dimensions Length: 13 1/2" (34 cm) [details]

Distribution North America; Newfoundland to Florida [details]

Reproduction Breeds from northwestern Ontario to Yukon and southern Alaska and south to Montana and southern British Columbia, and in the mountains in California. Winters from Newfoundland, southern Ontario, Montana, and Alaska south to Florida, the Gulf States, and Mexico. [details]

Dutch buffelkopeend  [details]
English bufflehead  [details]
French garrot albéole  [details]
German Büffelkopfente  [details]
Japanese ヒメハジロ  [details]
Lithuanian mažoji klykuolė  [details]
Polish gągołek  [details]
Slovenian mali zvonec  [details]
Spanish porrón albeola  [details]
Swedish buffelhuvud  [details]
Turkish ak yanaklı ördek  [details]
Ukrainian Малий гоголь Гоголь малий  [details]
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