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The male H. hippoglossi, which is the type species of the genus, was described by T. SCOTT in 1901 (as Clavella hippoglossi, KRÖYER). He found it among a considerable number of females taken from a halibut in the fish market at Aberdeen. A short description and a single drawing were given, the illustration was later reproduced in SCOTT & SCOTT (1913) and redrawn by KABATA (1979). The descrip- tion given by SCOTT (1901) was not only short but insuffi- cient, and the illustration was also imperfect, missing all appendages except antennae and caudal rami. The need for redescription was obvious as soon as we compared our males with SCOTT’s (1901) description. The present description is based on 20 females and 21 males, but altogether 333 females and 40 males have been found, all on halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus (L.) caught in East Greenland waters. The authorship of the name Hatschekia hippoglossi has been incorrectly assigned for a long time but was corrected by the The International Commission on Zoo- logical Nomenclature in 1987 (ICZN 1987). The lack of suitable morphological characters is one of the characteristics of Hatschekia, due to its reduction in both segmentation and appendages (JONES 1985). JONES used the general shape, and proportions and dimensions of the body, to describe H. hippoglossi and found that these are subject to fairly extensive variation, which may be due to fixation, age, host fish and condition of parasite. Although KABATA (1979) and SCOTT & SCOTT (1913) have given the best descriptions of the female (JONES 1985), they are at a loss when the male is to be compared with the female. An updated description is necessary also because of the general lack of suitable characters mentioned above. To be able to compare male and female characters, it was necessary to redescribe the female, using scanning electron microscopy. In the following text, female morphology is presented before the male is redescribed and compared with males described by SCOTT (1901), WIERZBICKA (1989), and other authors.
Schram, T.A. & P.E. Aspholm. (1997). Redescription of male Hatschekia hippoglossi (Guérin-Méneville,[1837]) (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida) and additional information on the female. Sarsia, Bergen 82:1-18. Available for editors  PDF available
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