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Taxonomic remark
Caligus cristatus Gould, 1841 Gould (1841: 340–341) wrote: “I have another species of Caligus, quite different from the preceding, taken from a shark (Lamna punctata). It is remarkable for having, within each posterior angle of the shield, two little elevated crests, placed at right angles to each other. The abdominal and caudal plates are very long and broad, and beyond these the jointed appendages project, making the whole animal an inch and a half in length. The margin of the shield, behind the antennae, is very thin and finely fringed, to favour adhesion. This may be Pterygopoda Latreillii. Otherwise it may be called C. cristata.” There was no illustration. Parker (1968) included C. cristata Gould, 1841 in his “List of Caligus species named prior to 1899 considered nomina nuda or species inquirenda”. However, the large body size, the broad abdominal plates and caudal rami, and the identity of the host, all suggest that this copepod is a pandarid, probably a member of the genus Dinemoura Latreille, 1829. This species is here treated as a species inquirendum in Dinemoura.
Hayes, P., J.L. Justine & G.A. Boxshall. (2012). The genus Caligus Müller, 1785 (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida): two new species from reef associated fishes in New Caledonia, and some nomenclatural probelms resolved. <em>Zootaxa.</em> 3534:21-39. available online at Available for editors  PDF available
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