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Taxonomic remark
Tryphosella abyssi Norman, 1900, included under Uristes by Barnard & Karaman (1991) has been recorded only once. A single 6 mm male specimen was collected at 1071 m in the ‘cold area of the Faroe Channel’ by Sir John Murray, aboard HMS Triton, in 1882 (Station 7: 60°19' N, 7°10' W). Type material of this species is not in the Norman Collection at the Natural History Museum. The description and illustrations given by Norman (1900), particularly of the sub-acute lateral cephalic lobes, the dominant upper lip, and the acute urosome boss, place it close to the new species Centromedon zoe. However, the Norman species is distinguished by the rounded posterodistal lobe of epimeron 3. Without type material, or further material that can be linked with this species it is hereby referred to nomen dubium.
Horton, T.; Thurston, M. (2011). Centromedon zoe (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Lysianassoidea: Uristidae), a new deep-water scavenger species from the North Atlantic, with a key to the genus Centromedon. Zootaxa, 2869: 54–62 available online at 
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