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Jirkov, I. A. 2011. Discussion of taxonomic characters and classification of Ampharetidae (Polychaeta). Italian Journal of Zoology 78(Supplement 1): 78-94
Polychaeta database
The morphology of about half of the valid ampharetid species (25% including types) was examined. The usefulness of morphological characters, including traditional ones and newly proposed ones, for generic diagnoses are discussed in detail. If possible, intraspecific and interspecific variation in external morphological characters, both traditional and newly proposed were examined. Some of the characters that have traditionally been used for generic identification are considered useful at a specific level. This results in a fundamental change of generic diagnoses and a considerable reduction of the number of genera from 90 described to 24 (some genera have uncertain taxonomical status). New diagnoses for all valid genera, a list of genera, a synopsis of proposed generic synonymies and an identification key for genera are provided. [Proceedings of the 10th International Polychaete Conference (20-26 June 2010, Lecce, Italy) ]
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As pointed out by Hilbig (2000:201), the validity of Eclysippe Eliason depends on Fauvel's original description of ... [details]

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