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Hodda, M. (2007). Phylum Nematoda. Zootaxa. 1668: 265–293.
Hodda, M.
Phylum Nematoda
1668: 265–293
NeMys doc_id: 17902
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The systematics of nematodes is reviewed, including: an overview of the general biology, ecology, scientific and economic importance of the group; a history of classification; evolutionary affinities and origins of nematodes; and the current diagnosis of the group. Alternative classifications within the Phylum Nematoda are discussed, and a classification to family level incorporating the latest molecular, developmental and morphological research is presented. This classification reflects the current views on evolution within the phylum, as well as significant areas of uncertainty, particularly related to the early evolution of nematodes. It includes 5 classes, 9 subclasses, 23 superorders, 39 orders, 52 suborders, 89 superfamilies and 241 families. There are few changes at the superfamily and family levels.
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