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Pettibone, M.H. (1991). Polynoid polychaetes commensal with antipatharian corals. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 104(4): 714-726.
Pettibone, M.H.
Polynoid polychaetes commensal with antipatharian corals
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
104(4): 714-726
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
Three new genera and new species of commensal Polynoidae: Harmothoinae, having close associations with antipatharian corals, are described: Antipathipolyeunoa nuttingi and Bayerpolynoe floridensis, from the North Atlantic Ocean off Barbados, Venezuela, and the Gulf Stream off Florida, and Tottonpolynoe symantipathicola, from the South Pacific Ocean off New Zealand. Included also in the Key to the Species of Polynoidae associated with antipatharians is the previously described Lepidastheninae, Benhamipolynoe antipathicola (Benham, 1927), from off New Zealand.
Atlantic Ocean (without specification)
Pacific Ocean
Associations, Symbiosis, Commensalism (parasitism see *PAR)
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Holotype USNM 136585, verbatimGeounit Macquarie Ridge, Sub..., identified as Tottonpolynoe symantipatharia Pettibone, 1991

Gorgonian and antipatharian associate in 'runs' on stems [details]

 Type locality

Macquarie Ridge, Subantarctic south of New Zealand, 53'45'S, 159°09'E, 787-842 m, Eltanin station 1416 [details]

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