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Saint-Joseph, Arthur d'Anthoine de. (1894). Les Annélides polychètes des côtes de Dinard. Troisième Partie. Annales des sciences naturelles, Paris, Série 7. 17: 1-395, plates I-XIII.
Saint-Joseph, Arthur d'Anthoine de
Les Annélides polychètes des côtes de Dinard. Troisième Partie.
Annales des sciences naturelles, Paris, Série 7
17: 1-395, plates I-XIII
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English Channel
North Atlantic
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Asclerocheilus intermedius (Saint-Joseph, 1894) (original description)
Bathya Saint-Joseph, 1894 (original description)
Bathya abyssorum (McIntosh, 1885) accepted as Leaena abyssorum McIntosh, 1885 (basis of record)
Bathya sarsi (McIntosh, 1885) accepted as Lanassa sarsi McIntosh, 1885 (basis of record)
Chaetopterus variopedatus (Renier, 1804) (additional source)
Flabelligeridae de Saint-Joseph, 1894 (original description)
Jasmineira elegans Saint-Joseph, 1894 (original description)
Lanassa sarsi McIntosh, 1885 (source of synonymy)
Leaena abyssorum McIntosh, 1885 (source of synonymy)
Leiochone clypeata Saint-Joseph, 1894 accepted as Leiochone leiopygos (Grube, 1860) (original description)
Phisidia Saint-Joseph, 1894 (original description)
Proclea Saint-Joseph, 1894 (original description)
Vermiliopsis Saint-Joseph, 1894 (original description)

Original diagnosis by Saint-Joseph (1894: 180; from key): "I. Plaques oncinales aviculaires avec rangées ... [details]

 Editor's comment

This record is the valid name with gender-corrected spelling. Gravier published Vermiliopsis glandigerus (his ... [details]


Not stated. Unknown. [details]


Not stated by the author. The name of the genus could refer to Proclea (or Proklia), a mythological character of ... [details]


The genus has been regarded as a synonym of Polycirrus since at least Saint-Joseph 1894:235 or later Hessle 1917: ... [details]


Saint-Joseph (1894: 260) has a brief comment in a key establishing Janua, and in a footnote states established for ... [details]

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