Echinoidea note details

Type material
Re-evaluation of the authority of A. rostrata (see note “Authority”) has implications on the identity of the type material. The description of Norman (1876) was based on the material from the Valorous Cruise, which thus forms (part of) the type series. The type status of Thomson’s material from the Challenger Cruise, in contrast, is not fully clear. The latter could be considered part of the type series since Article 73.2.1 of the Code states that syntypes can include “specimens not seen by the author but which form the bases of previously published descriptions or illustrations.” Thomson might have shown the Challenger specimens or illustrations thereof in order to decide that they were the same species as his taxon, in which case they might be considered part of the type series based on cited article. Acknowledgements: I am grateful to Gary Rosenberg (Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University) for discussion of this case.
Norman, A.M. (1876). Crustacea, Tunicata, Polyzoa, Echinodermata, Actinozoa, Foraminifera, Polycistina and Spongida. In: Jeffreys, J.G. (ed.). Preliminary Report of the Biological Results of a Cruise in H.M.S. 'Valorous' to Davis Strait in 1875. Proceedings of the Royal Society 25:202-215. available online at 
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