Foraminifera note details

Cushman (1944): " Articulina conico-articulata ( Batsch). The original figure of "Nautilus conico-articulatus" given by Batsch shows four uniserial chambers, longitudinally costate. It is evidently a broken specimen and, without the early stages, it is impossible to place it generically. I have searched material collected at Rimini, but have been unable to find any specimens that could be assigned to this form. As it represents an invalid species, the name should be allowed to lapse. The name has been applied to various forms assigned to Vertebralina and Articulina. These for the most part are included in the synonymy of other species given here. A few of these evidently belong to Nodophthalmidium." (p. 18-19).
Cushman, J. A. (1944). The genus Articulina and its species. <em>Cushman laboratory for foraminiferal research special publication.</em> 10: 1-21. Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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