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Cairns, S.D., 1983. Antarctic and subantarctic Stylasterina (Coelenterata: Hydrozoa). In: Biology of the Antarctic Seas, XIII. Antarct. Res. Ser. 38 2: 61-164.
figs. 1-50, tabs., maps 1-15. Descriptors: Cheiloporidion pulvinatum, Crypthelia formosa, Crypthelia fragilis, Errina cheilopora, Errina cyclopora, Errinopora cestoporina, Errinopsis fenestrata, nferiolabiata lowei, Errina (Inferiolabiata) lowei, Lepidopora acrolophos, Lepidopora granulosa, Sporadopora granulosa, Lepidotheca fascicularis, Errina (Inferiolabiata) fascicularis, Stylaster robustus, Allopora robusta, Errina boschmai
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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Adelopora pseudothyron Cairns, 1982 (redescription)
Allopora Ehrenberg, 1834 accepted as Stylaster Gray, 1831 (redescription)
Allopora eguchii Boschma, 1966 accepted as Stylaster eguchii (Boschma, 1966) (redescription)
Allopora profunda Moseley, 1879 accepted as Stylaster profundus (Moseley, 1879) (redescription)
Allopora robusta Cairns, 1983 accepted as Stylaster robustus (Cairns, 1983) (original description)
Calyptopora Boschma, 1968 (redescription)
Calyptopora reticulata Boschma, 1968 (redescription)
Cheiloporidion Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Cheiloporidion pulvinatum Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Conopora Moseley, 1879 (redescription)
Conopora pauciseptata Broch, 1950 accepted as Conopora verrucosa (Studer, 1878) (redescription)
Crypthelia Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849 (redescription)
Crypthelia formosa Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Crypthelia fragilis Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Errina Gray, 1835 (redescription)
Errina (Errina) accepted as Errina Gray, 1835 (redescription)
Errina (Inferiolabiata) accepted as Inferiolabiata Broch, 1951 (redescription)
Errina (Inferiolabiata) echinata (Moseley, 1879) accepted as Stellapora echinata (Moseley, 1879) (redescription)
Errina (Inferiolabiata) fascicularis Cairns, 1983 accepted as Lepidotheca fascicularis (Cairns, 1983) (original description)
Errina (Inferiolabiata) labiata Moseley, 1879 accepted as Inferiolabiata labiata (Moseley, 1879) (original description)
Errina (Inferiolabiata) labiata Moseley, 1879 accepted as Inferiolabiata labiata (Moseley, 1879) (redescription)
Errina antarctica (Gray, 1872) (redescription)
Errina antarctica (Gray, 1872) (source of synonymy)
Errina boschmai Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Errina cheilopora Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Errina cyclopora Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Errina fissurata Gray, 1872 (redescription)
Errina gracilis von Marenzeller, 1903 (redescription)
Errina kerguelensis Broch, 1942 (redescription)
Errina laterorifa Eguchi, 1964 (redescription)
Errinopora Fisher, 1938 (redescription)
Errinopora cestoporina Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Errinopsis Broch, 1951 (redescription)
Errinopsis fenestrata Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Errinopsis reticulum Broch, 1951 (redescription)
Inferiolabiata labiata (Moseley, 1879) (redescription)
Lepidopora Pourtal├Ęs, 1871 (redescription)
Lepidopora acrolophos Cairns, 1983 (original description)
Lepidopora sarmentosa Boschma, 1968 (redescription)
Sporadopora Moseley, 1879 (additional source)
Sporadopora dichotoma (Moseley, 1876) (redescription)
Sporadopora granulosa Cairns, 1983 accepted as Lepidopora granulosa (Cairns, 1983) (original description)
Stellapora echinata (Moseley, 1879) (redescription)
Stylaster densicaulis Moseley, 1879 (redescription)