Hydrozoa taxon details

Cladocorynidae Allman, 1872

22778  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:22778)

marine, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Schuchert, P. (2018). World Hydrozoa Database. Cladocorynidae Allman, 1872. Accessed at: http://www.marinespecies.org/hydrozoa/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=22778 on 2020-10-21
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
2009-04-28 06:22:10Z

basis of record Bouillon, J.; Boero, F. (2000). Synopsis of the families and genera of the Hydromedusae of the world, with a list of the worldwide species. <i>Thalassia Salent. 24</i>: 47-296 (look up in IMIS[details]   
From editor or global species database
Diagnosis Hydroid colonial, stolonal simple or sparingly branched, hydranth club-shaped, one whorl of moniliform or capitate oral tentacles, aboral tentacles moniliform or branched capitate, scattered or in several whorls; with nematocysts on body wall arranged in conspicuous pads or scattered around the base of oral and aboral tentacles; gonophores carried singly or on short, branched pedicels on lower or middle part of hydranth; gonophores developing into free medusae or fixed sporosacs.
Medusa with two opposite perradial tentacles possessing stalked cnidophores and two non-tentacular bulbs; above each atentaculate marginal bulb an exumbrellar pads containing macrobasic euryteles; tentaculate marginal bulbs large, without nematocyst pads; gonads interradial on manubrium. [details]