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<vliz_photo_gallery url="http://www.mermaidproject.eu/dissemination/mediagallery" pic="98602" ></vliz_photo_gallery>
<vliz_photo_gallery url="http://www.mermaidproject.eu/dissemination/mediagallery" pic="98602" share=0></vliz_photo_gallery>

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Description MERMAID-project 'Designing multi-purpose offshore platforms' dissemination movie. 2014. Filmed by Bruneel H.. Coordinated by Copejans E., Claus S., Pirlet H., Rappé K. Produced by the EU Commission FP7 and the MERMAID project (grant agreement no. 288710). Executive producer: VLIZ. Ostend. AVI file - 902.97 MB - 1 920 x 1 080 pixels added on 2014-05-1523 752 viewsImage author Rappé, KarenImage author Claus, SimonImage author Copejans, EvyImage author Pirlet, HansImage owner Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ) Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License