State of the Art of Capacity Building in Europe: list of articles

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General Issues

The Integrated approach to Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

The Capacity Building Concept

The European Context

Capacity Building in the frame of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

An informal definition:

"The design and conduct of the range of activities necessary to enhance the capacity of institutions and the individuals to comprise them to undertake the effective ICZM programs"[1]

Evidence of Needs

Capacity Building Needs Associated to the ICZM Cycle

Article by Stella Maris Vallejo* and Maria D. Herrera Ximenez** - 10/05/2007

(*) Consultant

(**) Coastal Resources Centre, University of Rhode Island


Existing Resources

Formal Capacity Building

Informal Capacity Building

Good and Bad Practices and Lessons Learned

Maximising Capacity Building Effectiveness

  1. Cicin-Sain et al., 2000>Cicin-Sain et al., 2000, Ocean & Coastal Management 43 (2000)291-330, p.292-p.294