Amphipoda editorial team mobilized and World Amphipoda database launched

Added on 2013-07-01 10:49:05 by Vandepitte, Leen
To provide sufficient expert knowledge for maintaining the database, we have now (2013) formed an editorial team to whom the queries on particular Amphipoda taxa should be addressed. The total number of Amphipoda editors is now 30, each with their own area of expertise.
We have mobilised this large number of new editors to work on the World Amphipod Database. The first aim is to ensure we have included all valid species names. The order Amphipoda is very diverse and WoRMS currently contains some 9329 species which are divided into four suborders. Particular expertise was required to cover the non-marine amphipod taxa. There are at least 1870 amphipod species and subspecies recorded from fresh or inland waters accounting for ~ 20 % of the total known amphipod diversity. There are currently just over 200 unchecked names and 30 quarantined taxa. The first job will be for editors to deal with these, followed by ensuring the large percentage of taxa that do not have the authority or original description linked are completed. When all this is completed (!) we will be aiming to add all synonyms to the database and linking them to the accepted names.


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