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Clark, A. M. (1980). Some Ophiuroidea from the Seychelles islands and Inhaca, Mozambique. Rev. Zool. Afr. 94(3): 533-558.
Clark, A. M.
Some Ophiuroidea from the Seychelles islands and Inhaca, Mozambique
Rev. Zool. Afr.
94(3): 533-558
The collection comprises 27 species of ophiurids from Mahe and Praslin, Seychelles, and 16 species (some the same) from Inhaca, Delagoa Bay, Mozambique> Included are new records for Amphiura ambigua Koehler (found to be viviparous), ophiactis picteti (de Loriol), Ophiosphaera insignis Brock and Ophiopeza spinosa (Ljungman) from Mahe amd Ophiura kinbergi (Ljungman) from Inhaca. Comments are included on Ophiothrix (Keystonia) propinqua Lyman - transferred to the genus Macrophiothrix, some other anomalous specimens of Macrophiothrix, variations found in Ophiothela venusta (de Loriol) and O. tigris Lyman, a modification of certain podia in Ophiocoma pusilla (Brock) and the synonymy of paracrocnida sacensis (Balinsky) with P. oersica (Mortensen).
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Aldabra for Amphiura ambigua Koehler, 1905 
Kenya for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933 
Madagascar for Ophiocoma pusilla (Brock, 1888) 
Madagascar for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933  (doubtful)
Madagascar for Ophiopeza spinosa (Ljungman, 1867) 
Madagascar for Ophiosphaera insignis Brock, 1888 
Madagascar for Ophiura kinbergi Ljungman, 1866 
Mauritius for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933 
Mozambique for Amphioplus (Lymanella) integer (Ljungman, 1867) 
Mozambique for Amphiura candida Ljungman, 1867 
Mozambique for Macrophiothrix aspidota (Müller & Troschel, 1842)  (doubtful)
Mozambique for Macrophiothrix hirsuta cheneyi (Lyman, 1861) 
Mozambique for Macrophiothrix propinqua (Lyman, 1861) 
Mozambique for Ophiactis carnea Ljungman, 1867 
Mozambique for Ophiactis savignyi (Müller & Troschel, 1842) 
Mozambique for Ophiocnemis marmorata (Lamarck, 1816) 
Mozambique for Ophiocoma pusilla (Brock, 1888) 
Mozambique for Ophiolepis cincta Müller & Troschel, 1842 
Mozambique for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933 
Mozambique for Ophiothela venusta (de Loriol, 1900) 
Mozambique for Ophiothrix foveolata Marktanner-Turneretscher, 1887 
Mozambique for Ophiura kinbergi Ljungman, 1866 
Mozambique for Paracrocnida persica Mortensen, 1940 
Red Sea for Ophiura kinbergi Ljungman, 1866 
Seychelles for Amphiura ambigua Koehler, 1905 
Seychelles for Astroboa clavata (Lyman, 1861) 
Seychelles for Macrophiothrix demessa (Lyman, 1861) 
Seychelles for Macrophiothrix longipeda (Lamarck, 1816) 
Seychelles for Macrophiothrix propinqua (Lyman, 1861) 
Seychelles for Ophiactis picteti (de Loriol, 1893) 
Seychelles for Ophiactis savignyi (Müller & Troschel, 1842) 
Seychelles for Ophiarachnella gorgonia (Müller & Troschel, 1842) 
Seychelles for Ophiarachnella septemspinosa (Müller & Troschel, 1842) 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma brevipes Peters, 1851 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma doederleini de Loriol, 1899 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma erinaceus Müller & Troschel, 1842 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma pica Müller & Troschel, 1842 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma pusilla (Brock, 1888) 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma scolopendrina (Lamarck, 1816) 
Seychelles for Ophiocoma valenciae Müller & Troschel, 1842 
Seychelles for Ophiolepis superba H.L. Clark, 1915 
Seychelles for Ophionereis porrecta Lyman, 1860 
Seychelles for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933  (doubtful)
Seychelles for Ophiopeza dubiosa (de Loriol, 1893) 
Seychelles for Ophiopeza spinosa (Ljungman, 1867) 
Seychelles for Ophioplocus imbricata (Müller & Troschel, 1842) 
Seychelles for Ophiosphaera insignis Brock, 1888 
Seychelles for Ophiothela tigris Lyman, 1871 
Seychelles for Ophiothela venusta (de Loriol, 1900) 
Seychelles for Ophiothrix exigua Lyman, 1874  (doubtful)
Seychelles for Ophiothrix trilineata Lütken, 1869 
Seychelles for Ophiura kinbergi Ljungman, 1866 
South Africa (country) for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933 
South Africa (country) for Ophiura kinbergi Ljungman, 1866 
Tanzania for Ophionereis vivipara Mortensen, 1933 
Tanzania for Ophiosphaera insignis Brock, 1888 

Disc scales naked except for the radial shields and a few scales around them. Radial shields five times as long as ... [details]


Colour brownish-grey. Arms relatively longer, about 40 mm. Oral and aboral disc scales naked, peripherally with ... [details]


Ecology: benthic, inshore. General distribution: tropical, depth range 0-34 m. (Rowe & Gates, 1995). Also ... [details]


Holotype in South African Museum, Cape Town (Balinsky, 1957). [details]


In Subgenus (Amphiura) Forbes, 1843. Syntypes in ?Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Netherlands) (2 ... [details]


A.M. Clark (1970) place the species in the subgenus: (Fellaria). Holotype in South African Museum, Cape Town. [details]


Original combination [details]


Original combination of Paracrocnida sacensis [details]

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