Polychaeta note details

Original diagnosis by Hartman (1959: 408-409): "Pointed setae and hooded hooks are present in both thorax and abdomen. The first segment is apodous and achaetous; the second to fifth segments are provided with only pointed setae in both notopodia and neuropodia. The sixth to tenth segments have only hooded hooks that resemble those farther back. The eleventh segment is transitional; its parapodia are provided with only hooks. In the abdomen the first 8 to 16 segments are provided with hooded hooks only; thereafter neuropodia have hooks only but the notopodia have both pointed setae and hooks; far posterior notopodia have pointed setae only. There are no visible branchiae, lateral organs or nephridial apertures. The posterior end terminates in a long caudal tail."
Hartman, O. 1947. Polychaetous annelids. Part VII. Capitellidae. Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions, 10(4/5): 391-481. available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/26531#page/407/mode/1up 
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