Polychaeta note details

Authors: "Only females known; color light gray except for gut contents, average length 0.5 mm; adult consisting of head, six trunk segments and a conical caudal append- age which is not annulated; trunk unciliated dorsally and laterally except for 9 rows of ciliary tufts arranged as followed: 2 on head, the second being interrupted dorsally, 1 on neck and 1 on each of body segments except the last which has 2 rows; ovary unpaired with very large gray eggs up to 1/5 the body length in size; resembles D. gyrociliatus in many respects but shows following distinguishing characteristics: 1) Ventral surface of body and entire surface of caudal appendage covered with uniform coat of small fine cilia. 2) no cuticular layer on venter; 3) banana-shaped or powder horn glands scattered; absent or almost so on head and caudal appendage, and contents of glands block like in shape; 4) no complete nephridia but only large flame cell-like structure observed in excretory system."
Jones, E. Ruffin, Jr.; Ferguson, Fredrick F. (1957). The genus Dinophilus (Archiannelida) in the United States. <em>American Midland Naturalist.</em> 57(2): 440-449. available online at https://www.jstor.org/stable/2422409 Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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