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Polychaeta source details

Mortimer, K., Cassà, S., Martin, D. and Gil, J. (2012). New records and new species of Magelonidae (Polychaeta) from the Arabian Peninsula, with a re-description of Magelona pacifica and a discussion on the magelonid buccal region. Zootaxa 3331(*): 1–43.
World Polychaeta Database
Five Magelona species, M. cornuta, M. crenulifrons, M. obockensis, M. pulchella, and an undescribed species (identified by Louis Amoureux as M. cornuta in 1983 and described herein as M. montera sp. nov.) have been previously reported from the seas surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. The present study details a further six Magelona species off the coasts of Iran and Qatar, collected between 1998 and 2007. Five species are newly recorded for the region: Magelona cf. agoensis, Magelona cf. cincta, M. conversa, Magelona cf. falcifera and M. symmetrica, and one species (M. sinbadi sp. nov.) is deemed new to science. A key is provided for the 15 species with verified reports currently known from the western Indian Ocean region. Magelona pacifica originally described from Panamá is discussed and re-described due to its similarity to M. montera sp. nov. A 'buccal organ/tube' in addition to an everted proboscis was observed in one specimen (Magelona cf. agoensis) and is herein described and discussed in relation to previous morphological studies
Indian Ocean
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Holotype MNHN A895, verbatimGeounit Northern Red Sea, IS..., identified as Magelona montera Mortimer, Cassà, Martin & Gil, 2012
Holotype NMW NMW.Z.2010.037.0001, verbatimGeounit Persian Gulf, IRAN, ..., identified as Magelona sinbadi Mortimer, Cassà, Martin & Gil, 2012

From the Spanish word, ‘montera’, for the hat typically worn by bullfighters/matadores, referring to the shape ... [details]


From the name Sinbad, the fictional sailor of traditional Arabic and Persian tales who sailed extensively around ... [details]

 Type locality

Northern Red Sea, ISRAEL, Eilat, Gulf of Aqaba, approximately 29°33'N, 34°57'E (29.55°,34.95°), sand, intertidal [details]

 Type locality

Persian Gulf, IRAN, Stn. B4-20A, 27°41.908'N, 52°11.497'E (27.698467° 52.191617°), shelly muddy sand, 20 m. [details]