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Gureeva, M. A. (1981). Pogonophory Karibskogo Morya [Pogonophora of the Caribbean Sea]. Transactions of the PP Shirshov Institute of Oceanology. 115: 183-194.
Gureeva, M. A.
Pogonophory Karibskogo Morya [Pogonophora of the Caribbean Sea]
Transactions of the PP Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
115: 183-194
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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Summary. Four deep-sea species of pogonophores were collected during the 14th cruise of the R/V “Academic Kurchatov” in the Caribbean Sea. Two new species are described: Diplobrachia grenadiensis from the Grenada basin and Siboglinum southwardae from the Aves Ridge. The tubes of Pogonophora from the Colombia basin seem to belong to genus Lamellisabella. The specimens of Siboglinoides caribbeanus Southward known so far only from upper-slope depths in the Gulf of Mexico and Wester Atlantic were found by the R/V “Academic Kurchatov” in the Grenada basin from the depths 2970-2990 m. The comparison of these specimens with the syntypes of another Caribbean species Siboglinoides columbiensis which previously was described by Ivanov as a separate deep-water species and kept now in collections of Zoological Institute of Acad. Sci. USSR revealed that we deal really with just the same species Siboglinoides caribbeanus Southward, 1971 in both cases. The specific name “columbiensis” is to be considered now a synonym. We must suppose the wide distribution of this eurybathic and eurythermic species in the American Mediterranean Sea and Western Atlantic. The results of the R/V “Academic Kurchatov” investigations suggest that abyssal and bathyal fauna of the Pogonophora in the Caribbean Sea is significantly poorer than that of the upper-slope depths. This poverty seems to result from very slow population of the deep-sea depressions with species from the continental slope.
Caribbean region
Systematics, Taxonomy
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