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Tanaka, Masaatsu; Nishikawa, Teruaki. (2013). A new species of the genus Arhynchite (Annelida, Echiura) from sandy flats of Japan, previously referred to as Thalassema owstoni Ikeda, 1904. ZooKeys. 312: 13–21.
10.3897/zookeys.312.5456 [view]
urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:90C48CD4-C195-4C65-A04F-7F0DE0F18614 [view]
Tanaka, Masaatsu; Nishikawa, Teruaki
A new species of the genus <em>Arhynchite</em> (Annelida, Echiura) from sandy flats of Japan, previously referred to as <em>Thalassema owstoni</em> Ikeda, 1904
312: 13–21.
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
A new echiuran, Arhynchite hayaoi sp. n., is described from newly collected specimens from sandy flats of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, together with many museum specimens, including those once identified as Thalassema owstoni Ikeda, 1904 or Arhynchite arhynchite (Ikeda, 1924). The new species is clearly distinguishable from its congeners by the smooth margin of gonostomal lips and lack of rectal caecum. Brief references are also made to the morphological distinction between the new species and Thalassema owstoni, originally described from the deep bottom on the Japanese Pacific coast.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Arhynchite Satô, 1937 (identification resource)
Arhynchite hayaoi Tanaka & Nishikawa, 2013 (original description)
Holotype NSMT NSMT-Ec 100, geounit Seto Inland Sea, identified as Arhynchite hayaoi Tanaka & Nishikawa, 2013
Japanese Setouchi-dochikuchi-yumushi for Arhynchite hayaoi Tanaka & Nishikawa, 2013

Hiroshima Prefecture, Seto Inland Sea, Ikarise Islet at the entrance of Lake Hamana, and Misaki (Sagami Bay), ... [details]


authors: "Dedicated to the late Dr Hayao Sato who made a significant contribution to the taxonomy of echiurans, ... [details]

 Type locality

Hachi-no-higata sandy flat at the mouth of the Kamogawa River, Hiroshima Pref., Seto Inland Sea, Japan, 34.3237°, ... [details]