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Esmark, L. (1874). [Meeting minutes 16 May 1873. Eteonopsis geryonicola]. Forhandlinger fra Videnskabs-Selskabet i Christiania. [volume of 1873-1874]: 497-498.
Esmark, L.
[Meeting minutes 16 May 1873. Eteonopsis geryonicola]
Forhandlinger fra Videnskabs-Selskabet i Christiania
[volume of 1873-1874]: 497-498
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Name Eteonopsis geryonicola reported in meeting minutes not actually written by Esmark. Date mistakenly given as 1878 in some usages (confused with a later meeting report)
16 May 1873 meeting minutes, relevant text translation: "In addition, by [dissecting] the crab [he [Esmark] had repeatedly found in the animal's [spaces?] a new Annelid, which he had called Eteonopsis geryonicola because of its resemblance to the genus Eteone, from which it is clearly distinguished by the very short, almost claw-like end of the brushes. He would later announce complete description and drawing of the same."
North Sea (and Channel)
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A dubiously valid meeting report name, in content not written by Esmark. It might be a nomen nudum until clearly ... [details]


Esmark (1874: 497, meeting report) "Tillige havde han ved at anatomere Krabben gjentagne Gange fundet i Dyrets ... [details]

 Editor's comment

A dubiously available meeting report name, in content not written by Esmark. As the name is not in use it seems ... [details]


A -cola (dwelling on) name after the genus name of the host crab, of species Geryon tridens Krøyer, 1837, now G. ... [details]