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Polychaeta source details

Hoagland, R.A. (1920). Polychaetous annelids collected by the United States fisheries steamer Albatross during the Philippine expedition of 1907-1909. Bulletin of the United States National Museum. 100(1): 603-635.
Hoagland, R.A.
Polychaetous annelids collected by the United States fisheries steamer Albatross during the Philippine expedition of 1907-1909
Bulletin of the United States National Museum
100(1): 603-635
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
[Introduction beggins as:]
The collection of Annelids described here is extensive but in many cases poorly preserved. Specimens too mutilated for identification are not mentioned in the following list; also, vials containing only tubes have in some cases been discarded. In descriptions of new species I have endeavored to include drawings in sufficient numbers to supplement the verbal descriptions, thus, I believe, eliminating the errors in identification which often result from such descriptions. I am indebted to Prof. A. L. Treadwell, of Vassar College, for the use of the collection.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Aonides diverapoda Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Trochochaeta diverapoda (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Euphrosine tripartita Hoagland, 1920 (original description)
Glycera posterobranchia Hoagland, 1920 (original description)
Hermodice distincta Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Pherecardia striata (Kinberg, 1857) (original description)
Iphione fustis Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Iphione muricata (Lamarck, 1818) (original description)
Lagisca oculescens Hoagland, 1920 (original description)
Leodice accrescens Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Palola accrescens (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Leodice articulata Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Eunice hirschi Fauchald, 1992 (original description)
Leodice levibranchia Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Eunice levibranchia (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Marphysa digitibranchia Hoagland, 1920 (original description)
Melinna dubita Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Melinnexis dubita (Hoagland, 1920) accepted as Melinnopsis dubita (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Myrianida tereseta Hoagland, 1920 (original description)
Nephthys mirasetis Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Aglaophamus dibranchis (Grube, 1877) (original description)
Nereis (Heteronereis) caeruleis Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Perinereis caeruleis (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Nereis (Leptonereis) inermis Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Kinberginereis inermis (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Panthalis adumbrata Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Polyodontes atromarginatus Horst, 1917 (original description)
Rhamphobrachium pacifica Hoagland, 1920 (original description)
Sabella secusolutus Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Bispira secusolutus (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Stylarioides atentacula Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Pherusa atentacula (Hoagland, 1920) (original description)
Tetreres treadwelli Hoagland, 1920 accepted as Lygdamis ehlersi (Caullery, 1913) (original description)
Holotype USNM 18947, geounit Philippines, identified as Nereis (Leptonereis) inermis Hoagland, 1920
Holotype USNM 18953, geounit Mindanao Sea, identified as Hermodice distincta Hoagland, 1920
Paratype USNM 19014, geounit Mindanao Sea, identified as Hermodice distincta Hoagland, 1920
 Depth range

1-2 fathoms (= about 2-4 m). [details]

 Depth range

12.8 m (7 fathoms).  [details]


Phillipines: Mindanao Sea (Opol, Macajalar Bay, Mindanao Island).  [details]


Philippine Islands: Palawan Island (Malampaya Sound, Cliff Island).  [details]


Not stated by the author. The specific epithet distincta is a Latin adjective maning 'distinct' or 'noticeably ... [details]


The specific epithet inermis is a Latin adjective meaning 'unarmed' or 'toothless', and seems to refer to the ... [details]


Sand and coral, 2-4 m depth. [details]

 Type locality

Opol, Macajalar Bay, Mindanao Island, Philippines (gazeteer estimate 8.5255°, 124.5781°). [details]

 Type locality

Celebes Island (= Sulawesi), 16 shots (= about 440 m) east Talisse Island (= Pulau Talisei), Indonesia (gazetteer ... [details]

 Type locality

Cliff Island, Malampaya Sound, Palawan Island, Philippine Islands, Albatross stn. 5346 (geocoordinates not ... [details]

 Type material

Holotype (USNM 18953) and paratype (USNM 19014; not referred in the original description), deposited in the Smithsonian ... [details]