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Polychaeta source details

Moore, John Percy; Bush, Katharine Jeanette. (1904). Sabellidae and Serpulidae from Japan, with descriptions of new species of Spirorbis. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 56: 157-179, plates XI-XII.
Moore, John Percy; Bush, Katharine Jeanette
Sabellidae and Serpulidae from Japan, with descriptions of new species of <i>Spirorbis</i>
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
56: 157-179, plates XI-XII
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD). The article authorship is Moore & Bush (misspelled 'Busch'), thus that is the authorship to be used, except for the spirorbids where Bush is the sole author. While Moore might have been the sole author of the other taxa, this is not explicitly stated.

          In these PROCEEDINGS for 1903 was published a paper describing most of the Polychaeta taken in Japanese waters and elsewhere in the North Pacific in the spring of 1900 by the U.S.F.C. steamer Albatross. The present paper is a continuation of that contribution, and is based on the same collections. A third part will some time deal with a number of species belonging to various families, the descriptions of which are withheld until some desirable comparisons can be made. Among the species previously described a considerable admixture of circumboreal forms was found, most of them from the more northern stations. That none such is found among the Sabellidae and Serpulidae probably results from the fact that all of the species described in this paper came from the southeastern coast of Honshu, and especially from Station 3,707, on a sandy and gravelly bottom in Suruga Bay. Saint-Joseph's revision of these families was largely used as a guide in the generic references, but even with this help much difficulty was found in satisfactorily placing several of the species, and it will be noticed that some of them, and particularly Sabella japonica and Pomatoceras auritubis, depart widely from the generic types in some respects. In the enumeration of segments the collar setea have been counted as belonging to the first of peristomial somite.
          I take this opportunity to state that Maldane coronata and Axiothea campanulata of my former paper are synonyms respectively of M. gotoi and Clymene harai Izuka. Although Izuka's paper was published some months before mine it was not seen by me until after the correction of the final proofs.
Pacific Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Knight-Jones (1983) records the authorship as Moore in Moore & Bush. While this is probably a correct ... [details]

 Type locality

Pacific Ocean, Suruga Bay, Japan [details]