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Polychaeta source details

Rozbaczylo, Nicolás; Castilla, J. C. (1974). La familia Nephtyidae en Chile (Annelida Polychaeta). Studies on Neotropical Fauna. 9(2): 179-206.
10.1080/01650527409360477 [view]
Rozbaczylo, Nicolás; Castilla, J. C.
La familia Nephtyidae en Chile (Annelida Polychaeta)
Studies on Neotropical Fauna
9(2): 179-206
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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A taxonomic synopsis of the family Nephtyidae in Chile is made. A review of the data concerning the species known from Chile is given and a new specific entity, Nephtys (Nephtys) monilibranchiata n.sp., closely related to N. (N.) impressa Baird, is described. In accordance with the facts known up to now, two subgenera - Nephtys and Aglaophamus - represent the family in Chilean seas, including the Antarctic. These sub-genera comprise a total of 19 species and one sub-species. The following is the list of the Chilean Nephtys species: N. (A.) erectanoides Hartmann?Schröder N. (A.) foliosus Hartman N. (A.) heteroserrata Hartmann?Schröder N. (A.) lutrea Baird N. (A.) macroura Schmarda N. (A.) ornatus Hartman N. (A.) ornatus bransfieldia Hartman N. (A.) peruana Hartman N. (A.) polyphara Schmarda N. (A.) posterobranchus Hartman N. (A.) virginis Kinberg N. (A.) ferruginea Hartman N. (N.) glossophylla Schmarda N. (N.) imbricata Grube N. (N.) impressa Baird N. (N.) magellanica Augener N. (N.) monilibranchiata n.sp. N. (N.) oculata Hartmann-Schröder N. (N.) paradoxa Malm N. (N.) serratifolia Ehlers Material from 6 species was revised: N. (A.) macroura, N. (A.) peruana, N. (A.) polyphara, N. (N.) ferruginea, N. (N.) impressa, and N. (N.) serratifolia. For the comparative analysis the holotype of N. impressa Baird, deposited in the British Museum of Natural History, was investigated.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Holotype unknown, possibly lost, geounit Chile Central, identified as Nephthys polyphara Schmarda, 1861

Not stated. However, the interramal branchial cirrus is described as long thin and moniliform ("son a la vez ... [details]


usage in Nephtys (Aglaophamus), but misspelled as 'erectamoides' in the heading. Not misspelled elsewhere in the text. [details]


As Nephtys is feminine, Rozbaczylo & Castilla should have changed the epithet suffix, to become 'ornata' [details]


Nephtys is feminine therefore Rozbaczylo & Castilla should have modified the suffix to become posterobrancha (& the ... [details]

 Type locality

near shore off Ensenada de Cobquecura, Chile, E. Pacific coast, -36.1167, -72.8333 (36° 07' Lat. S, 72° 50' Long. ... [details]