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Polychaeta source details

Çinar, M. E. (2005). Polychaetes from the coast of northern Cyprus (eastern Mediterranean Sea), with two new records for the Mediterranean Sea. Cahiers de Biologie Marine. 46(2): 143-159.
10.21411/CBM.A.733B85B3 [view]
Çinar, M. E.
Polychaetes from the coast of northern Cyprus (eastern Mediterranean Sea), with two new records for the Mediterranean Sea
Cahiers de Biologie Marine
46(2): 143-159
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Open access article
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Faunistic analysis of polychaetes collected during two cruises performed along the northern Cyprus in May 1997 and June 1998 yielded a total of 384 species belonging to 45 families. Among them, two species, namely Oenone cf. fulgida (Savigny, 1818) and Notomastus mossambicus (Thomassin, 1970), were new to the Mediterranean fauna, 19 species new to the eastern Mediterranean fauna, 90 species new to the Levant fauna and 209 species new to the Cypriot fauna, bringing the total number of taxa known from Cyprus to 456 species. A total of 11 polychaete species, which were previously regarded as Lessepsian species, were encountered, of which 7 are being newly reported for the first time along the coast of Cyprus. Two species new to the Mediterranean Sea, which could also be Lessepsian species as they have Indo-Pacific distributions, were redescribed and discussed.
Mediterranean Sea in general
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Nontype ESFM, geounit Cyprus, identified as Aricidea trilobata Laubier & Ramos, 1974
 Additional information

The holotype is 7 mm long. Similar specimens were frequently found in the same samples as Marphysa bellii, thus it ... [details]

 Depth range

600 m, 2090-2829 m. [details]


Eastern and Western Mediterranean Sea. [details]

 Editor's comment

The status of Paucibranchia Molina-Acevedo, 2018 in relation to the poorly known genus Lysibranchia Cantone, 1983 ... [details]


Mud, at bathyal depths. [details]


Currently Lysibranchia is placed as a synonym of Marphysa based on the observations of Cinar (2005) placing ... [details]


Cinar (2005: 153) suggested Lysibranchia paucibranchiata was a synonym of Marphysa bellii (Cinar misspells the ... [details]