Porifera note details

Ridley (1884), p. 385, adopted Hyatt's (1877) genus Carteriospongia but changed the spelling to Carterispongia without explanation. It appears to have been done on purpose because he quotes Hyatt's original spelling correctly. Apparently he was of the opinion that the extra 'o' in the name was redundant. However, this emendation is not allowed as it does not occur in the list of justified emendations of ICZN art. 32.5. Lendenfeld (1889) and Burton (1934) followed Ridley's spelling, but since then the name was used in its original spelling of Hyatt. Thus, there is no prevailing usage We do not here separately explain with each species assigned to the misspelled genus name why these combinations are unaccepted.
Ridley, S.O. (1884). Spongiida. <em>Report on the Zoological Collections made in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the Voyage of H.M.S. ‘Alert', 1881-2. (British Museum (Natural History): London).</em> 366-482, pls 39-43; 582-630, pls 53-54. OpenAccess publication
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