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Israeli part of the Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin  (Marine Region)   (origin: alien)
Stock, J. H. (1958). Pycnogonida from the Mediterranean coast of Israel. <em>The bulletin of the Research Council of Israel.</em> 7B(3-4): 137-142. Available for editors  PDF available (look up in IMIS)  [details]
This is the first report on Pycnogonida from Israel's Mediterranean coast. The five species listed are: Ammothella longioculata Faraggiana, Achelia echinata Hodge, Tanystylum orbiculare Wilson, Anoplodactylus saxatilis Calman, and A. portus Calman. While the first three species are new to the Eastern Mediterranean, Anoplodactylus saxatilis was known only from the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal. A. portus is a circumtropical species not yet recorded from the Mediterranean Sea. [...] Material collected for Ammothella longioculata: 2 males. Tantura, Israel. July 1953. Ch. Lewinsohn coll. 1 female. Same locality, same collector. July 1955.
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