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Cole, J. (1904). Pycnogonida of the West Coast of North America. Harriman Alaska Expedition. 10: 247-298.
Cole, J.
Pycnogonida of the West Coast of North America
Harriman Alaska Expedition
10: 247-298
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Ammothea (Ammothella) Verril, 1900 accepted as Ammothella Verrill, 1900 (source of synonymy)
Ammothella Verrill, 1900 (taxonomy source)
Unknown type MVZ, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Ammothella tuberculata Cole, 1904
Unknown type MVZ, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Anoplodactylus viridintestinalis (Cole, 1904)
Unknown type, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Pycnogonum stearnsi Ives, 1883
Unknown type MVZ 19,503, geounit Bering Sea, identified as Achelia latifrons (Cole, 1904)
Unknown type MVZ 19,505, geounit Gulf of Alaska, identified as Achelia alaskensis (Cole, 1904)
Unknown type MVZ 19,506, geounit North Pacific, identified as Achelia gracilipes (Cole, 1904)
Unknown type MVZ 19,507, geounit Bering Sea, identified as Achelia pribilofensis (Cole, 1904)
Paratype MVZ 19,510, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Tanystylum intermedium Cole, 1904
Holotype MVZ 19,511, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Tanystylum occidentalis (Cole, 1904)
Unknown type MVZ No. 19,509, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Ammothella spinifera Cole, 1904
Unknown type MVZ No. 19,514, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Anoplodactylus erectus Cole, 1904

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