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'''[[State|State’ Report]]''' and future trends.
'''[[State|Analysis]]''' and '''[[Scenarios|Scenarios]]''' report.
Alternative '''[[Scenarios|scenarios]]'''.
A preliminary schedule of '''[[Pilot Actions|future funding sources]]''' for plan implementation.
A preliminary schedule of '''[[Pilot Actions|future funding sources]]''' for plan implementation.

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Analysis and Futures  

Setting the Vision  

Designing the Future  

Realising the Vision  


ICZM Process diagram/EstablishmentICZM Process diagram/Setting the visionICZM Process diagram/Analysis and FutureICZM Process diagram/Designing the FutureICZM Process diagram/Realizing the VisionICZM pegaso 3.png
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The overall aim of Analysis & Futures stage is to add substance to the issues end aspirations initially identified – making the invisible visible and engaging stakeholders in the search for outcomes.

Key tasks

1. Building the Evidence - closer analysis of key issues where needed.

2. Identifying futures – building alternative scenarios and testing though pilot actions and identifying potential future funding sources.

3. Measuring Success – select the indicators to measure the success of both the ICZM process and its outcomes.

The objectives of the Analysis & Futures stage are therefore:

  • To substantiate the issues and problems through more rigorous analysis and review – to describe the present ‘State’ and likely future trends.
  • Through the use of tools and scenarios to generate and test alternative views of the future.
  • To lay the foundations of future cooperation and implementation through pilot actions and the identification of future funding sources.

Potential Outputs

Analysis and Scenarios report.

A preliminary schedule of future funding sources for plan implementation.

The first pilot actions where appropriate.

An Indicator Matrix to be ‘populated’ throughout the following stages of the ICZM process and its implementation.