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{{ICZM Process diagram/TabsHeader|This=4}}
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Image:ICZM pegaso 3.png|right|300px
rect 297 0 1485 409[[ICZM_Process_diagram/Establishment]]
rect 297 500 1485 918[[ICZM_Process_diagram/Setting_the_vision]]
rect 297 1000 1485 1417[[ICZM_Process_diagram/Analysis_and_Future]]
rect 297 1500 1485 1926[[ICZM_Process_diagram/Designing_the_Future]]
rect 297 2000 1485 2423[[ICZM_Process_diagram/Realizing_the_Vision]]
'''The overall aim of Analysis & Futures stage is to add substance to the issues end aspirations initially identified  – making the invisible visible and engaging stakeholders in the search for outcomes.'''
== Key tasks ==
1. '''[[State|Building the Evidence]]''' - closer analysis of key issues where needed.
2. '''[[Scenarios|Identifying futures]]''' – building alternative scenarios and testing though [[Pilot Actions|pilot actions and identifying potential future funding sources]].
3.    '''[[ICZM Process Indicators|Measuring Success]]''' – select the indicators to measure the success of both the ICZM process and its outcomes.
The objectives of the Analysis & Futures stage are therefore:
* To substantiate the issues and problems through more rigorous analysis and review – to describe the present ‘State’ and likely future trends.
* Through the use of tools and scenarios to generate and test alternative views of the future.
* To lay the foundations of future cooperation and implementation through pilot actions and the identification of future funding sources.
== Potential Outputs ==
'''[[State|Analysis]]''' and '''[[Scenarios|Scenarios]]''' report.
A preliminary schedule of '''[[Pilot Actions|future funding sources]]''' for plan implementation.
The first '''[[Pilot Actions|pilot actions]]''' where appropriate.
An '''[[ICZM Process Indicators|Indicator Matrix]]''' to be ‘populated’ throughout the following stages of the ICZM process and its implementation.

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