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South Georgia  (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))  
Barnard, K. H. (1932). Amphipoda. <em>Discovery Reports.</em> 5, 1-326. Available for editors  PDF available  [details]
Discovery 1925-27, sta. 39, Cumberland East Bay, 179-235 m (gear: large otter trawl; bottom/habitat: grey mud); sta. 144, off mouth of Stromness Harbour, 155-178 m (gear: nets, tow-net of coarse silk; bottom/habitat: green mud, sand); sta. 156, 53°51’S 6°21’W, 200-236 m (gear: large heavy dredge; bottom/habitat: rock); sta. WS 33, 54°59’S 35°24’W, 130 m (gear: tow-net; bottom/habitat: 135 m, grey mud, stones)
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