Public involvement in ICM: suggestions from the survey

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Answers to question 10:“According to you, what are the improvements that could be made when trying to inform and involve the public in ICM?” from the public participation survey by EUCC in 2007.

  • Belgium: structured, informal platform for consulting the public
  • Germany: Earlier and increased public involvement & ICZM dissimination among the public
  • Spain: First of all it is necessary to provide very clear information through indicator-objectives and Thresholds.
  • France: show the practical benefits of ICZM to public/define public as groups of stakeholders
  • Greece: policy should involve the public at all stages of the ICM process / raise awareness
  • Ireland: higher political will through local succes, education and dissimination/framework for stakeholder groups
  • Italy: Fundamental: people can address the government strategies , can comprehend the cause effect of choices , can percept the real degradation of environments comparing the present with the past, if this knowledge will be accessible and transparent
  • Netherlands: more info on local level/official ICM policy 2x/ involve public from early stage
  • Poland: Public awareness should be awoken by press interviews of ICZM experts; first targeted to better educated and interested people (students, professionals), then to the general public.
  • Portugal: broad range dissimination materials / first educate on respect for public and natural values / education / simplify the transfer of knowledge
  • Sweden: More direct and active information from the stakeholders / We should arrange information and awareness raising campaigns through the municipalities
  • United Kingdom: Don't use terms such as ICZM, instead use practical issues and examples / there should be better joint working on consultation arrangements with stakeholders on the different coastal plans required by European and national legislation. There is often a risk of consultation fatigue when different planning processes come back to ask similar questions at different times. 2x / Supporting framework / better involvement of local authorities 2x / better education on ICM / Manage, where possible, the media as an important channel of public awareness and information