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Turbellarians source details

Graff, L. V. (1905). Marine Turbellarien Orottavas und der Küsten europas. Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftlige Zoologie. 83: 68-148.
Graff, L. V.
Marine Turbellarien Orottavas und der Küsten europas
Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftlige Zoologie
83: 68-148
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Acrorhynchides caledonicus (Claperede, 1861) (additional source)
Acrorhynchus reprobatus Graff, 1905 accepted as Acrorhynchides reprobatus (Pereyaslawsewa, 1892) Strand, 1928 (original description)
Acrorhynchus sophiae Graff, 1905 accepted as Itaipusa sophiae (v.Graff, 1905) Karling, 1978 (original description)
Astrotorhynchus regulatus Graff, 1905 (original description)
Catenulidae Graff, 1905 (original description)
Hyporcus breitfussi Graff, 1905 accepted as Trigonostomum breitfussi (Graff, 1905) (original description)
Kalyptorhynchia (original description)
Macrorhynchus croceus (Fabricius, 1826) accepted as Graffiellus croceus (Fabricius, 1826) Hornung, 2016 (additional source)
Macrorhynchus groenlandicus (Levinsen, 1879) accepted as Graffiellus groenlandicus (Levinsen, 1879) Hornung, 2016 (additional source)
Macrostoma Ørsted, 1843 accepted as Macrostomum Schmidt, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Microstomum mundum Graff, 1905 (original description)
Olisthanella iphigeniae Graff, 1905 accepted as Tauridella iphigeniae (Graff, 1905) (original description)
Phonorhynchus Graff, 1905 (original description)
Polycystis georgii Graff, 1905 (original description)
Polycystis intubata Graff, 1905 (original description)
Polycystis mamertina Graff, 1905 accepted as Progyrator mamertinus (Graff, 1874) (original description)
Promesostoma murmanica Graff, 1905 accepted as Vejdovskya murmanica (Graff, 1905) (original description)
Promesostoma ovoideum ovoideum Graff, 1905 (original description)
Promesostoma ovoideum purum Graff, 1905 (original description)
Promesostoma solea inornatum Graff, 1905 (original description)
Promesostoma solea solea Graff, 1905 (original description)
Schizorhynchus tataricus Graff, 1905 (original description)
Trigonostomum brunchorsti Graff, 1905 (original description)
Trigonostomum setigerum album Graff, 1905 accepted as Trigonostomum setigerum Schmidt, 1852 (original description)
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