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Turbellarians source details

Özdikmen, Hüseyin. (2010). A new family and two genera names for Turbellaria (Platyhelminthes). Munis Entomology and Zoology. 5(1): 115-117.
Özdikmen, Hüseyin
A new family and two genera names for Turbellaria (Platyhelminthes)
Munis Entomology and Zoology
5(1): 115-117
Two junior homonyms were detected amongst the turbellarian genus group names and the following replacement names are proposed: Novomitchellia nom. nov. for Mitchellia Kawakatsu & Chapman, 1983 and Faubelus nom. nov. for Notocirrus Faubel, 1983. Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species currently included in these genera: Novomitchellia sarawakana (Kawakatsu & Chapman, 1983) comb. nov. and Faubelus neupommerensis (Faubel, 1983) comb. nov.. In addition, I propose the replacement name Faubelidae as a new name for the family name Notocirridae
Systematics, Taxonomy
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2017-08-31 22:29:00Z

Faubelidae Özdikmen, 2010 (original description)
Faubelus Özdikmen, 2010 (original description)
Faubelus neupommerensis (Faubel, 1983) (new combination reference)
Mitchellia Kawakatsu & Chapman, 1983 accepted as Novomitchellia Özdikmen, 2010 (source of synonymy)
Notocirridae Faubel, 1983 accepted as Faubelidae Özdikmen, 2010 (source of synonymy)
Notocirrus Faubel, 1983 accepted as Faubelus Özdikmen, 2010 (source of synonymy)
Notocirrus neupommerensis Faubel, 1983 accepted as Faubelus neupommerensis (Faubel, 1983) (source of synonymy)
Novomitchellia Özdikmen, 2010 (original description)
Novomitchellia sarawakana (Kawakatsu & Chapman, 1983) (new combination reference)

from A. Faubel who current author name of the preexisting genus Notocirrus  [details]


pro Notocirridae Faubel, 1983 [details]


The name Notocirrus has been used in Polycladida as a stem for a family-group name, and should be automatically ... [details]

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